How to find the best band for YOUR party!

  • Look for a versatile orchestra with excellent references and reputation. That combo you heard in a jazz club or your best friend's rock band generally won't have the expertise to properly handle a wedding. Stick with party professionals.
  • Good communication between band and client is essential. Choose a bandleader who, like a detective or a psychologist, ferrets out information, notes sensitivities and offers suggestions. It's important for the bandleader to find out what you want, but crucial to identify what you don't want.
  • There are many bands that sound great, but they need an experienced, event-savvy bandleader to keep the party lively and the dance floor full.
  • The complaint voiced most often about bands is that they play "too loud". Choose a bandleader who is sensitive to this issue and will use good taste and judgment to keep volume within reason.
  • Sometimes, unforeseen incidents arise. To be assured that any situations are handled with finesse, choose a well-known bandleader with a quality reputation.
  • The guest list at a wedding typically consists of friends, family and business associates. These three factions might dance to different styles of music. Choose a band with a varied enough repertoire that will appeal to all of your guests.
  • At a wedding, guests often make song requests. To ensure that most requests are played, choose a band with a vast repertoire.
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