Dear Ken,

Just dropping you a quick note to thank you and your band for the wonderfully vibrant and professional performance you gave at our wedding. As I expressed to you that evening, I could not have hoped the music would have been as good as it was. While your demo CD's lured us as clients, they can not do service to the energy and skill of your live performance.

Everyone marveled at the band's ability to cover the range of music from sophisticated and big band, through Motown and disco, and all with equal aplomb. I imagine some future clients will surface from among our guests.

Thank you again and best of luck in your future endeavors.

Very truly yours,
Christopher and Gardenia (married at The Water Club, New York City)

Dear Ken,

It is with deep appreciation for your talent and recognition of your professionalism that I thank you for the music you provided for us at the wedding ceremony and reception of Lisa and David. I have received innumerable compliments – actually, YOU have received innumerable compliments from our guests.

Here are a few quotes, “It was as though we were at a concert.” “This is the best band I’ve ever heard.” “Ken’s playing is fabulous.” “I could listen to Ken all day.” “Every musician was multi-talented.” The music was not too loud.”

Your leadership and your band’s performance must be very highly praised. Everyone was up on the dance floor. Your solos were a delight to our ears.

Thank you so much for the role you played in creating such a terrific atmosphere for our super special occasion.

Anita (mother of the Bride – Oceanside Jewish Center, Oceanside, NY)

Dear Ken,

Now that we are slowly beginning to get both feet on the ground, we wanted to personally say “thank you” for helping to make our daughter’s wedding day a day to remember. Your music and your musicians were outstanding.

When it was “dance time” people were on the dance floor; and when it was time to eat, people were actually able to have table conversation…as you said, your music volume was always perfect!

From start to finish it was a pleasure dealing with you. We’d highly recommend to our friends – and hope we’ll have other such occasions to share with you!

Marge and Paul (parents of the Bride – Miller Place Inn, Long Island, NY)

Dear Ken,

The raves are still coming in about the music at Craig and Shani’s wedding. The music sounded the way the songs were written to sound and the soloists were superb. I can’t say enough about them. At times I just wanted to listen to them and felt as though I was at a concert.

You paced the party perfectly, and your acoustics allowed people not dancing to be able to converse at their tables – though most guests found your dance music irresistible.

You made the wedding a magical memory and we’re very anxious to see the video to relive the magic. Thank you so much for filling the room with your fabulous music. It was all we hoped for and more.

Please add us to you list of highly satisfied referrals

Sandy and Howard (parents of the Groom – Community Synagogue, Sands Point, NY)

Dear Ken,

Heidi and I wanted to thank you for making our wedding such a success. The classical music for the ceremony was lovely, and everyone loved the jazz music played during the cocktail hour. We didn't think we could be more impressed until the reception! There wasn't a person sitting in the whole room! We are still getting calls to say how wonderful the music was. Please accept our heartfelt thanks for making our wedding unforgettable.

Todd and Heidi, Sherman Oaks, California (married at The Sands at Lido Beach, NY)

Excerpts from the blog "Susan Says."
   (Written by a guest at a recent wedding:

Last week Seth and I attended a fabulous-in-all-ways wedding at which there was a live band and not a DJ. A band seems to have become a bit of a rarity these days. There are cases to be made for both.yet a band, when good, is a huge treat. Such was the case last week.

This band, representing The Ken Gross Orchestras, which has a huge roster of bands (and apparently infinite genres of music to suit any taste) was pure magic. Keyboard, bass, drums, guitar, sax, trumpet, trombone and a sultry, slinky little feral beast of a singer were absolutely fabulous, providing sufficient entertainment to distract me from a vast "dessert room" in which Frangelico was being served in little chocolate cups.

.The band itself, was superb. Eight pieces and all strong musicians as their solos repeatedly proved, these men could play. And the repertoire, chosen by the young and stylish bride and groom, was almost exclusively retro -- Duke Ellington, Cole Porter, moving up to the Motown era. This pleased everyone from the hipsters to the support-hose demographic.

The singing duties were shared by the little dominatrix at the mic and four of the musicians who also were lead vocalists. They effortlessly sang Sinatra, Louie Armstrong, Marvin Gaye and Barry White. In other words--the music was perfect. This point was proven when I visited the ladies room to be greeted by a tired attendant who, sitting protectively close to her tip jar while folding towels, looked up -- unsolicted -- to tell me how much she was enjoying the music. "Sometimes," said she, "all I hear in here is THUMP THUMP THUMP! This is a nice change."

While she was an AARP card carrier, the same sentiment was expressed by the young waitress who hovered over our table. In her early 20's and able to refold a dinner napkin at the speed of light, she too mentioned how much she was enjoying the music.

While it's, no doubt, a job -- in every sense of the word -- to the band, they certainly made it look like huge fun. I'm sure there are better nights than others but how could it not be fun and amazingly cathartic to, on a good night, belt out songs for a living?

Susan was a guest at the wedding of Nick and Cara-The Inn At New Hyde Park, New Hyde Park, NY
   To see the entire blog, go to:


Alicia - January 6, 2012
I love, love, love bands at weddings. Both of my cousins humungous shindigs back in the 80s had terrific bands who plays all kinds of music. It was so much fun as a kid, and the parents and grandparents enjoyed it too.

Freddie - January 9, 2012
Susan, Yes, that band was fabulous!!! Before I left, I went over and told the songbird how great she and the group were. How diversified they were. Outstanding!!!!! They were all unique, and any one of them alone would have stolen the show, Together they were like Fort Knox! Solid Gold!

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